Kingsbury Trail Images

Trail Description: Kingsbury is a quiet rural community along the Champlain Canal with five distinctive hamlets – Adamsville, Baldwin Corner, Dunhams Basin, Kingsbury, Smiths Basin, and Vaughns Corners, and the Village of Hudson Falls. Formerly known as the Village of Sandy Hill (1810), it was largely agricultural until the opening of the Glens Falls Feeder Canal in the 1830’s which connected to the Old Champlain Canal and opened commerce between the Upper Hudson River to Canada and New York City. After operating for 100 years in this capacity, the Feeder Canal closed and has been transformed into a vibrant fourteen-mile linear park with the towpath for hiking and biking, and the canal itself for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. The north-south route of the Old Champlain Canal and modern Champlain Canal is an exceptionally serene and picturesque travel corridor. The Towpath through Kingsbury offers a four-mile stretch of exceptional birding opportunities. Lock C-9 Canal Park, located in the hamlet of Smith’s Basin, 6 miles north of C-8 Canal Park in Fort Edward, represents the perfect biking trail segment for families. Both canal parks offer public docking, and picnicking. Just to the southeast of the lock is the unique Siphon Spillway that allows excess waters to divert safely from the canal.

The completed section of the Champlain Canalway Trail is in the southern end of the Town where it intersects with the Feeder Canal Trail at the “T” and continues north to its end just south of Rt 196. This section of trail will be upgraded from a turf surface to stone dust. From this point north, the trail is under construction with completion anticipated in 2019. When all projects are completed, a continuous 12-mile Champlain Canalway Trail will connect Fort Edward to Fort Ann.

Empire State Trail: The EST will follow the same path as the Champlain Canalway Trail throughout the Town of Kingsbury. Route 4 will continue to serve as State Bike Route 9, an on-road bicycle route.

Hudson River/Champlain Canal Access Points: Lock C-9 Canal Park – cartop launch and public docks; Martindale Boat Basin Cartop Launch and dock (Feeder Canal).

Public Facilities: Feeder Canal Towpath and Water Trail; Five Combines Park with the Five Combine Locks; and Lock C9 Canal Park.

Public Events: Sandy Hills Days; Annual Feeder Canal Canoe/Kayak Race; and community participation in Washington County tourism events including the Fiber Tour, Cheese Tour, and Maple Syrup Festival.

Connector Trails:

Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail: The Canal Towpath is a nine-mile trail suitable for walking, running or biking from the Feeder Dam in Queensbury to Mullen Park in Fort Edward. 

Snowmobile Trails: Kingsbury Barnstormers Snowmobile Club manages several trail routes throughout the central portion of Kingsbury.

Planning Support:

  • Feeder Canal Park Master Plan (1990)
  • Village of Hudson Falls Comprehensive Plan (2004)
  • Hudson River and Champlain Feeder Canal Regional Waterfront Plan (2009)
  • Route 4 Corridor Management Plan (2015)
  • Hudson Falls Parking Study (2016)
  • Village of Hudson Falls Revitalization Opportunities Program (2016)
  • Washington County Tourism Study (2017)

Implementation Strategy: Continue to work with the NYS Canal Corporation and Empire State Trail organizations to complete construction of the Champlain Canalway Trail from the Feeder Canal Trail intersection to Baldwin Corners Road.