Trail Description: The Town of Saratoga was significantly influenced by the Hudson River which connects historic events that shaped our nation and the visual character of the Town. The cluster of sites and monuments makes Saratoga a hub for heritage tourism initiatives. The new Canal Region Gateway Visitor Center at Fort Hardy Park will soon serve visitors who want to understand the resources, communities and people unified by an interconnected waterway, a community ethic of pride in place and a commitment to the Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic Byway. Nearly 8-miles of trail cover nine individual trail segments.The centerpiece is a 1.5-mile span from the Schuyler House to the Dix Bridge that passes through Fort Hardy Park. At the north end of the trail is Hudson Crossing Park which is shared with the Town of Northumberland who are partners. It is a family destination for safe off-road walks, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. The Vision for the Old Champlain Canal reimagines the waterway between the Village of Schuylerville and Hudson Crossing Park as a public place for fun, recreation, and exploration of the natural environment, and a catalyst for revitalization.

Empire State Trail: State Bike Route 9 along Route 4 will be the formal route for the EST to the Schuyler House where new trail has been constructed through Fort Hardy Park along the Old Champlain Canal. A formal trailhead is under  construction behind the Gateway Visitor Center. The EST continues north along Towpath Road to the Dix Bridge in Hudson Crossing Park on Lock 5 Island.

Hudson River/Champlain Canal Access Points: Town of Saratoga Rt 4 Boat Launch; Fort Hardy Park Kayak Launch; Schuylerville Boat Ramp; Hudson Crossing Park Kayak Lunch; Lock 5 Canal Park with public docks and the dock site of the Caldwell Belle Tour Boat.

Public Facilities:Saratoga National Historic Park’s Old Saratoga Unit including the Saratoga Surrender Site (future), Schuyler House, Saratoga Monument, and Victory Woods; Fort Hardy Park; Hudson Crossing Park; Restored Historic Dix Bridge; Schuyler Saw Mill Park; Canal Region Gateway Visitor Center; Historic Towpath and Turning Basin Empire State Trail/ Champlain Canalway Trail; Stark’s Knob; Marshall House; Gerald B. Solomon National Veterans Cemetery.

Public Events: Schuylerville Craft Fair; Turning Point Parade and Festival; Schuylerville Fall Festival.

Connector Trails:

Victory Wood’s Trails: Trail loop through Old Saratoga Unit of Saratoga National Historical Park.

The Siege Trail: Fish Creek link from Schuyler House to Saw Mill Park.

Fort Hardy Park Loop: Planned trail loop linking Gateway Visitor Center to the waterfront.

Hudson Crossing Park: Trail loop linking the Old Champlain Canal, Dix Bridge and Greenwich.

Local Planning Support:

  • Green Infrastructure Plan (2006)
  • Old Saratoga on the Hudson Waterfront Revitalization Plan (2007)
  • Joint Open Space Plan for the Towns of Saratoga and Northumberland (2007)
  • Stewardship Plan (2010)
  • Hudson Crossing Master Plan (2014)
  • A Vision for the Old Champlain Canal (2018)

Implementation Strategy: Three sections of trail are complete: the Wilbur Road Trail; the Surrender March Trail between the South Trail near Garnsey Road to the North Trailhead at Sword Surrender Site; and the Schuyler House to Dix Bridge. Funds are being sought through the EST and other grant programs to assist in the completion of the trail segment between Wilbur Road and Garnsey Lane, and the section between the North Trailhead to the Schuyler House. Schuylerville is seeking funds for the repair, replacement, clean-up and upgrading of various components of the Old Champlain Canal so the water will flow sufficiently to allow for year-round recreational activities and special events.