Biking The Zim Smith Trail

  • First part of trail starting in Ballston Spa

You may be wondering why a website focusing on the Champlain Canalway Trail would feature a story about the Zim Smith trail in Saratoga County?  This is probably due to the ever-increasing connectivity of bike trails in our part of the state; and there is much more to come.

I had never been on the Zim Smith trail, either on a bike or on a snowmobile.  When connection was made from Coon’s Crossing (for several years the terminus of the trail) into the City of Mechancville I had a strong desire to bike it.  This happened in early October and the setting could not have been better. 

My wife and I drove to Ballston Spa and picked up the beginning of the trail along Oak St.  As typical, she drives the chase vehicle, and the plan was to meet me in Mechanicville.  The trail is beautiful and on this day was extremely busy with bicyclists and walkers, many moms pushing strollers along the trail.  The ride into Mechanicville was uneventful and my wife did end up meeting me at several stops along the way.  Passing through neighborhoods, going under SR 67 and the Northway, the colors in the woods the trail passes through provided so much enjoyment, there was a great deal to tell her.

The last part of the trail was impressive.  This newest section was slightly hillier and paralleled the rail tracks and railyard into Mechanicville.  One of the most impressive parts of this section was the tunnel-like structure that brought the trail around the golf course.

So now you hopefully understand why an article on the Zim Smith would appear on the CCT website; connectivity is an important aspect of any trail, and that each segment makes the entire trail concept that much better.

This spring the City is planning on installing signage directing bicyclists along city streets to South Main St, the route of the CCT through the City connecting Halfmoon with Stillwater.  The connection of the Zim Smith to the CCT will be complete.

The past two to three years has featured the creation of the Empire State Trail.  In many parts of the state this trail follows the routes many others making a statewide network we can all be proud of and look forward to using.

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