Fort Edward

Known as the “Great Carrying Place” (Wahcoloosencoochaleva), Fort Edward is steeped layers of pre and post colonial history, having played a major role in the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution. Fort Edward his located at the intersection of the Hudson River and Champlain Canal. Highway I-87 Exit 17 is only 6 miles from Fthe Village of Fort Edward where Amtrak’s Adirondack and Ethan Allan’s Express passagener lines stop daily. This crossroad community retains its historic and rural charm. Fort Edward is also known for the Fort Edward Grasslands, a rare and unique important bird habitat.

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Champlain Canalway Trail

The CCT will take advantage of this strategic location by highlighting Hudson River views and access points in its southern approach from the Town of Greenwich. As the trail continues into the Village of Fort Edward it will move onto the Old Champlain Canalway route which becomes the critical connector to the Feeder Canal and the Upper Hudson River. This route conveys an entire interpretive story can be from the Old Junction Lock to the Five Combines Park area.

Empire State Trail

The EST will exist entirely on Route 4 as an on-road shoulder route throughout the Town of Fort Edward. It will follow the CCT route throughout the Village of Fort Edward and to its border with Kingsbury. Route 4 will continue to serve as an on-road bicycle route.

Hudson River/Champlain Canal Access Points

  • Lock C-6 Fort Miller
  • Lock C-7 Fort Edward – no dock, short but steep slope to potage
  • Bradley Beach – Open area to launch – silted in, shallow water – current
  • Fort Edward Yacht Basin Terminal Wall – tie up – wall to mount
  • Public Docks at the Route 4 Bridge South of Fort Edward Village – tie up

Sites To Visit

Local Business (listings greater than a mile from the trail in bold)


Village Center

Commercial area 1 mile from Mullen Park trail head & the Village Center



Village Center

Commercial area 1 mile from Mullen Park trail head & the Village Center

Public Transportation

Connector Trails

  • State Bike Route 9 an on-road signed route along Route 4, an All-American Road
  • Feeder Canal Trail stone surfaced outdoor walking/bike trail that runs along the shores of the Feeder Canal from Hudson River Overlook Park in Queensbury to Five Combines Park and Mullen Park in Fort Edward
  • Warren County Bikeway (from Feeder Canal Trail)
  • Grasslands Loop Trail an onroad loop connecting Washington County State Wildlife Management Area and Solomon Viewing Area (loop info in development)
  • New York State Canalway Water Trail