Located at the junction between the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain and at the confluence of the Poultney River, Whitehall is known as the birthplace of the American Navy. Whitehall was founded by British Army Captain Philip Skene in 1759 and was originally known as Skenesboro which became the first settlement on Lake Champlain and the center of maritime trade. In 1980, the Town was designated an Urban Cultural Park Canal Harbor, a state-designated area that has special significance in history. Connecting the Canalway Trail to Whitehall to create a byway from Waterford to Canada was a primary recommendation in the Village’s 2001 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and several regional plans. The Champlain Canal is exceptionally beautiful and the resources along this waterway are abundant.

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Champlain Canal Trail

Whitehall is the northernmost terminus of the Champlain Canal Trail. An offroad trail connecting the Hamlet of Comstock and the Village of Whitehall is in the design stages. The crushed stone multi-use trail when open will offer a family friendly alternative to NYS Bike Route 9 and Empire State Trail that today connects Fort Ann and Whitehall on a busy, high speed section of State Route 4.

Empire State Trail

At Comstock the EST will follow Route 22 & State Route 4 as an on-road shoulder route. When the off road Champlain Canal Trail is complete the EST will shift its route designation from State Route 4 to follow the footprint of the CCT. Route 22/Route 4 will continue as State Bike Route 9, an on-road bicycle route. An Empire State trailhead and associated parking is located in Whitehall’s Skenesborough Park.

Lake Champlain/Champlain Canal/Poultney River Access Points

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Connector Trails

Village of Granville & Slate Valley Rail Trail 15 miles via Route 12 or Rte 21 & rural roads … Town of Ticonderoga 25 miles via Empire State Trail and NYS Route 9 …  Town of Fairhaven VT 10 miles via Rte 9B & Rte 11 …