Geocaching & Letterboxing

Geocaching is alive & well along the Champlain Canalway Trail! Embark on a treasure hunt with family and friends by visiting GEOCACHING & creating an account.

Here is a glimpse of the adventures you can have within 10 miles of the trail.

In the HUDSON FALLS area there are…845 geocaching sites! Yup…..845.

In the vicinity of SCHUYLERVILLE – 351,





And….there were several hundred along the corridor just put out in 2021!

How to go Geocaching? You primarily use GPS to find a specific location and find the “cache” – a hidden box, bottle, container.  Use your smartphone app or GPS to navigate to the cache. Keep an eye out so you can spy the cache’s camouflaged hiding place. Once you find the cache, sign the logbook, exchange one item and put everything back like you found it. Each person should have a small “something” to put into the cache and you exchange it with something that is there.

Letterboxing is a treasure hunt to find a hidden box, container, bottle. Letterboxing incorporates orienteering, art & puzzle solving. In Letter Boxing, you sign into a logbook & stamp your Letterbox.

Saratoga Plan Letter Boxing : Five stamps in your passport gives you a prize of a Teeshirt if you bring your passport to the Saratoga Plan Office.

Search Champlain Canalway Trail Towns on Atlas Quest for tons of Letterboxing challenges.